TGC announces plans to become carbon neutral by 2021

TGC is excited to announce that efforts are underway to become completely carbon neutral by the year 2021.

This will be achieved by both reducing and offsetting its carbon emissions. Sustainability has become an increasing priority and focus for TGC throughout the years. TGC has found a way to tackle environmental goals, alongside continued company growth.

Becoming a carbon neutral company is going to take an adjustment of strategies and practices, and we are fully committed to doing our part. TGC’s plans include reducing travel emissions, sustainable procurement practices and purchasing more renewable energy. Employees will work from home as much as possible and less energy and space will be necessary.

Where TGC is unable to make up the difference, we will purchase carbon credits to offset our carbon footprint. Other ways we will be paying it forward is by investing in projects that aid in carbon neutrality, such as tree farms.

TGC has already begun taking actions in reducing our carbon footprint. This includes releasing a global financial statement highlighting our allocations and commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, TGC will be complying with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) environmental principles. This will include a before and after snapshot of what previous emissions were and then chronicle the move to carbon neutrality.

TGC believes in leading by example. By making the change to becoming fully carbon neutral, we hope to inspire other leading corporations to do the same. TGC looks forward to finding creative and long-term solutions in order toachieve our goals of carbon neutrality by 2021.

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