Your complete portfolio of entities, just a click away.

The maintenance of an accurate repository involving a portfolio of global entities puts heavy demands and costs on an in-house legal or accounting department.

This is why THINK developed THINK Online™, a proprietary, secure, and smart tool that helps multinational corporations manage their portfolio of international entities more efficiently.

THINK Online™ is not only a repository to keep all the corporate data, deadlines, and documents for a global corporation’s complete portfolio of entities in one place, but also a:

  • Compliance tool;
  • Collaboration tool;
  • Communication tool.

As entity governance experts, we know that

multinational clients often struggle with the same compliance issues when maintaining a large portfolio of entities.

Because the stored corporate data and documents are reviewed and updated by your dedicated account manager, an accurate snapshot of the complete portfolio is always accessible.

THINK Online™:

  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance;
  • Provides access to your dedicated account manager
  • Fosters visibility and transparency;
  • Improves control of foreign entities;
  • Empowers teams in offices around the world to collaborate and co-operate more efficiently.

For more information about THINK Online™ or to request a demo, please contact us.