Director replacement exercise


When it’s time to remove or replace a high-level employee, that is on several international boards, the transition should be seamless to maintain business integrity trust, and stability.

At TGC, we focus on creating an uncomplicated, seamless process that helps take the stress out of the equation with a smart, affordable plan that fits your short- and long-term goals. We often assist multinational corporations with Director Replacement projects, some at least once a year.

Our experience allows us to quickly develop a strategy that supports your organization from top to bottom.

Upon an in-depth assessment of your business and your specific requirements per country involved, we can create an affordable solution that fits your budget, supports your business stability, and ensures that you and your team can focus on higher-value legal matters while maintaining proper oversight.

Once the project has been completed, we’ll send through an updated company extract for each country involved (where applicable) evidencing the local registration of the replacement.

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