December 27, 2018

Director Replacement Exercise

An existing client reached out to TGC regarding an employee who was leaving their position on the board of directors of a portfolio of international entities scattered around the world. Concerned about the replacement process, they requested we helped the process move forward quickly and safely.

A relationship manager was assigned, and they created a transition timeline that included regular verbal and written reports to ensure all forms and documentation were completed for each country with local notary publics being utilized when and where necessary.

All documentation, including an updated extract, were uploaded to THINK Online™ for collaborative access. This helped reduce the time and stress around a labour-intensive, time-consuming process, which restored confidence and created stability.

TGC allowed the client to focus on running the business, secure in the knowledge that everything was properly handled from a legal standpoint and in a timely manner—and all within one month’s time and at a competitive, flat-rate fee per entity.

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