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With TGC you’ll have the benefit of a data-driven process that allows multinationals to satisfy all their international compliance needs. You’ll have a central point of contact that operates with a fixed fee to assist you with your routine compliance functions. TGC's main focus is on entity life cycle management. By enhancing your internal compliance structures, capturing business justifications and the overseeing centralized management of spend analysis and entity data, your compliance activities are identified, streamlined and handled. TGC’s clients retain control over their compliance activities, and our transparent and collaborative process makes it easy to follow the status of ongoing issues, track scheduled events, and keep an eye on costs.

Yes and no. When you take advantage of our Core Annual Service, your routine corporate compliance matters for the year are going to be addressed in a manner that’s efficient and consistent. Although statutory requirements in each country will vary, our Core Annual Service generally includes but is not limited to Real-Time Access to TGConnect, Year-End Formality Assistance and Assistance with Mandatory Annual Filings. The composition of our Core Annual Service also depends on your additional needs/requirements in each country - or per entity. It is not a one-size-fits-all service.

When we put our Core Annual Service to work on your portfolio of international entities, all activities are overseen through central coordination from your dedicated account manager. He or she will be your go-to person for all activities in relation to the services TGC provides for you. We pride ourselves on being able to operate like an extension of your existing legal or CoSec department, so you can expect an open, collaborative relationship.

Our pricing structure is flexible and customized to your specific needs. We have a baseline fixed fee for standard compliance – those functions required to keep your subsidiaries in good standing. This doesn’t include routine or unscheduled events like mid‐year director replacements. The annual fee also includes our tech‐access fees, fees for recurring services requested in addition to our Core Annual Service and so on. Companies with fully operational subsidiaries often find the baseline, fixed‐free pricing to be the most cost‐effective option. As unforeseen matters arise, we can create proposals on a case‐by‐case basis to ensure that you’re covered and in control.

The central control in our system is what binds the processes together, enables the one-contact operation, and allows us to deliver a seamless global service to our clients. This is how we’re able to provide transparency, and control of all our compliance activities through TGConnect. We’re proud to deliver truly dedicated global entity management under a single master services agreement covering everything we do, anywhere in the world.

Global entity management is the core business of TGC. For us it’s not an add-on to the legal department or second-best to fund administration - we are entity management experts. TGC is independent, privately held, and not aligned with any accounting or law firm. Our fees are competitive and transparent. Every legal entity is a unique individual, and TGC treats them that way. Bespoke services are always built around our clients’ needs, and we make a point to get to know our clients well. By understanding your global operation, your goals, and your aspirations, we can deliver the most effective service possible.

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