Accurate data is important; real-time access to that data is even more vital when it comes to protecting your global business.


we utilize TGConnect, a proprietary platform that helps you monitor, update, and manage your current entity documents and data while keeping track of your overall global compliance.

Be it internal projects or global entities the right data drives long-term success. It’s for this reason that we provide our clients with a digital repository that not only protects their corporate documents and information but mitigates risk while ensuring compliance and superior project control.

  • TGC Connect

    Real-Time Entity Calendar

    Track filing and AGM dates while staying ahead of tight deadlines with an entity calendar that alerts you to changes or upcoming events in real time.

    Stay in control of the progress of corporate secretarial projects like director replacement exercises.

  • TGC Connect

    Smart Entity Document and Data Management

    Better organize local, country, service, and entity documents in seconds with a built-in document repository that gives you smart access to your global portfolio of entities.

    Rely on accurate entity data which is maintained as part of our Core Annual Service.

  • TGC Connect

    Org Charting Solution

    The org charting tool in TGConnect makes visualization easy, allowing you to create org charts depicting your complete portfolio of entities.

    TGConnect allows you to better manage your international entities and improve stakeholder confidence.

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