July 30, 2019


Providing end-to-end compliance and governance support for multinational corporations, TGC assists multinational clients with entity incorporation and closure.

This well-managed process allowed us to help a US client incorporate a list of entities and establish branch offices (the parent company maintains legal liability) around the world.

Because of a limited presence in one country and one province the client opted for the establishment of a representative office here. Our expansive and consistent services include filings, post-incorporation formalities, and other day-to-day and governance requirements; while still ensuring multinational clients like this stays in-tune with their long-term stability and direction.

We provide a range of customized services, but each new entity was enrolled with our Core Annual Service to help us ensure the client’s portfolio of entities is properly managed from the start. This is vital to establishing a long-term relationship based on consistency.

We assisted this client with entity closures due to dormancy or requirement needs to help improve or limit coverage or control across multiple locations or countries.

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