Entity governance is core business of TGC; it’s not an add-on to the legal department or second-best to fund administration.

As entity governance experts, our sole focus is to keep your global portfolio in good legal standing with trusted services and sound advice.

Think Global Compliance
We have come to rely on Think Global Compliance as our strategic global compliance partner.
General Counsel, Multinational Tech Company

Avoid the complicated mazes created by confusing governance standards. As entity governance experts we will help you navigate every step with a clear understanding of the road ahead

Regardless of your operating countries or jurisdictions, our highly-experienced staff can ensure you always meet current governance requirements and are well prepared for any future changes.


Get accurate, in-depth reporting on entity governance changes, things your organisation can do to stay prepared for today as well as tomorrow, and what’s going on with TGC, by following our Insights & News section, dedicated to our clients and those looking for solid governance information.