With worldwide experience and local expertise, we provide premium global compliance services for multinational companies.

At Think Global Compliance ("THINK"), we offer real solutions designed for multinational corporations operating in today’s global market.

Ensuring that your global entities remain compliant with local corporate statutory requirements, sometimes also referred to as global entity management, global subsidiary governance, or global entity governance, is our core business.

As an international compliance specialist, our global experience and local expertise enables us

to cover over 70 countries spanning 6 continents.

We understand that a coordinated approach is instrumental to a successful global compliance operation and therefore offer a dedicated relationship manager whom you can connect with using the latest communication platforms.

Our understanding of business needs and in-depth knowledge of local regulations and legislation, which set us apart, make THINK your ideal compliance partner.

  • Think Experience

    We have extensive knowledge and experience of local regulations and legislation. We are compliance subject-matter experts.

  • Think Technology

    We are digitally-focused, forward-thinking, and innovative. Our services can be accessed from anywhere in the world and from any device.

  • Think Compliance

    Global compliance services are our core business - not an add-on to tax or second-best to audit.

  • Think Savings

    We will allow you to capitalize on specialized skills and economies of scale. Cut costs, not corners.

Think Global Compliance



We offer a wide range of global compliance services.


Our annual services are designed to cover any and all services necessary to keep your entities in good standing in each country or jurisdiction in which you operate, whereas our additional services and ad hoc services will support you with intricate or unexpected challenges. Local statutory and legal requirements vary, but our annual services typically include:

  • A dedicated THINK relationship manager;
  • Preparing the annual general meeting ("AGM") documents for your entities;
  • Coordinating mandatory annual filings required by local commercial registries;
  • Maintaining the minute books and statutory registers of your entities; and
  • Access to THINK Online, our secure web solution.

Our additional services cover those extra projects or needs that might crop up outside of our annual coverage, involving 1 or more entities, just once or year after year:

  • Preparing Powers of Attorney/Proxies;
  • Legalisation services;
  • Amending Articles of Association; and
  • Drafting Board/Shareholders Resolutions.

We also offer ad hoc services to cover one-off projects or compliance emergencies, whether they involve multiple entities or multiple countries and jurisdictions. Whatever the case, THINK stands by prepared to address the situation:

  • Entity health checks;
  • Projects involving entity name changes; and
  • Director replacements.
Think Global Compliance


Peace of mind that your portfolio of entities is in safe hands.

Avoidance of fines and reputational risks.

An independent partner for whom global compliance is core business.


We distinguish our service with a simple approach.

Our clients are not overwhelmed with complicated processes or confusing rates. We offer a dedicated relationship manager and competitive fees that come with a simple approach, regardless of how many entities you operate. The relationship manager prepares a plan of action with relevant filing dates and deadlines, and reviews any ad hoc transaction matters to ensure that they are compliant with local statutory and legal requirements.

And to ensure everything is not only simple but also flexible, you can keep track of filing dates, deadlines, and documents in THINK Online, our secure web solution. It is available 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Think Global Compliance Think Global Compliance


In the end all that matters are results.


    A medium-sized, Dutch client needed an Annual Services Package for fifteen of its international entities, incorporated in five different countries.


    When the client approached us, it was soon clear that the company was in desperate need of a compliance and governance approach that was highly coordinated, yet simple to manage. A dedicated relationship manager was assigned to develop a detailed plan of action and oversee the transition of the company’s fifteen entities.

    This client preferred us to use their own legal entity management system instead of THINK Online, our proprietary compliance tool. As such, we first double-checked the accuracy of the compliance input.

    Furthermore, we also had to validate the statutory registers and minute books of each entity in order to start providing the services requested as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Before the scheduled date of the AGMs in two of the five countries, we requested a series of documents from the client in order to draft and develop a detailed plan of action. The THINK relationship manager prepared draft AGM documents and used a standardized template where necessary and executed the correct documents for each relevant jurisdiction. We arranged for mandatory annual filings required by local company registries, and the final documents were subsequently uploaded to their system.

    The client was issued a flat fee quote per entity.

    The client had previously retained several law firms to do the work, but as a result of our involvement, was able to reduce operating costs by as much as one third.


    A European software company requested annual compliance services for their many international entities. They also needed additional board resolutions for all their entities.


    Like many technology companies nowadays, this multinational corporation decided to outsource its compliance activities to free themselves up to focus on the company’s core responsibilities that add value and grow the business.

    A dedicated relationship manager was assigned to oversee the transition of their portfolio of entities and immediately began developing a detailed plan of action. The plan incorporated a timeline covering the additional board resolutions. As the resolutions were being processed, the relationship manager remained in contact with the company, sending detailed reports on the exact status of the additional resolutions and all other outstanding issues.

    In providing the annual services, all relevant corporate information on each entity, along with the appropriate deadlines, were entered into THINK Online, our secure web solution.

    The documents were drafted and sent to the client to be executed and filed with all local company registries where required. The completed documents were then uploaded to THINK Online, which ensured the client’s access to the documents from anywhere in the world. The entire process, from beginning to end, took less than two weeks.

    We quoted a flat fee per entity for annual services and quoted another flat fee for the additional services.


    An existing client requested help on an important acquisition that involved a number of new entities. This client, active in the healthcare industry, was in need of two ad hoc services: entity health checks and entity name changes. .


    The client’s relationship manager developed a comprehensive plan of action, which included a timeline for completing all the required services. Throughout the process, the relationship manager communicated regularly and sent reports. When considering an acquisition, it only makes sense for multinational corporations to have a thorough assessment done on the corporate health of the new entities under consideration, which is exactly what an entity health check does.

    The applicable compliance information was compiled from public records into a clearly written and straightforward document. The information was then compared with the records provided by the client to ensure that the new entities had no compliance issues. Once it was established that there were no problems, our client proceeded with the acquisitions, having THINK prepare the necessary forms and supporting documentation to facilitate name changes. The appropriate filings were subsequently completed with the local company registries and forwarded prior to being uploaded to THINK Online.

    A flat fee was quoted for both ad hoc services.

    Due to the volume of work involved in providing these and other services, the client was offered a discount.

    Think Global Compliance



    For any further information about our service or to just speak to someone about how we can possibly help you, please feel free to get in contact with us.

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